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Welcome to Brick Cave Books

Interview with Scott Woods, Question 11 of 10

Woods-CoverThis Interview is in celebration of the release of We Over Here Now, Poetry by Scott Woods. The Book is available from Brick Cave Books and will be released January 25th, 2013.

Readers may Pre-order the book today.


We would like to thank Scott Woods for taking the time to answer some questions for the site as we close on the release of his new book. We hope for those of you that know him, these answers share something new, and for those that don't, we hope that you are compelled to read this tremendous collection of poetry.


Bonus Question- Race and Religion tend to be common themes in a lot of poetry, and certainly We Over Here Now shies away from neither. Talk about your approach to these subjects in the book.


I have no approach when it comes to race save its direct address at every turn so long as some good can come of it. I make fun of racial issues a lot but that's because I care about the issue. I can't NOT care about the issue, seeing as how it affects so much of my life whether I like it or not. It's not like there is an actual post-racial America to move to. America isn't America if it isn't confronting race. Same goes for religion. For a nation of ultimate freedoms, it bends a lot of sensibilities when it comes to these two things, usually with laughable results. So I approach those important subjects with that insanity in mind. 


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