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Welcome to Brick Cave Books

Second Quarter 2012 Brick Cave Books Sales Awards PR

July 11, 2012

[Mesa, AZ] Brick Cave Media today announced and extends congratulations to the most recent recipients of awards to books published through their Brick Cave Books imprint. Each quarter, the organization provides awards similar to those offered in the music industry for 'gold' or 'platinum' records, based on cumulative sales of their titles. Explains CEO Bob Nelson, "Because sales in the publishing industry don't have the awe-inspiring majesty that the recording industry promotes, there is a stigma to try and keep sales numbers under wraps. We take the opposite approach, we as an organization and our authors work hard for each and every book sale, and we want to celebrate that success."

Two books from the publisher reaches the 100 sales mark between April and June 2012. The Last Incarnation, by J.A. Giunta, was re-published by Brick Cave Books in 2011 after the author had previously self published the title. Says Bob, "The strength here for The Last Incarnation, is that we are continuing to find new readers interested in the book, and new fans of Mr. Giunta's powerful writing style." The fantasy title follows the adventures of Barr, the son of a trapper, raised by elves, befriended by animals, entrusted with magic, who is but a boy on a journey that has taken many, many lifetimes. Seeking to avenge his father’s death, he would cross into Lumintor, home to shapelings of all manner and size.

The second book, The Healer's Legacy, by Sharon Skinner, released on March 28th of 2012, also eclipsed 100 sales, and has become the publisher's fastest selling title to date. The fantasy title follows Kira, a young woman with a secret. She can psychically communicate with animals. She is also on the run from her abusive mate Toril, the hero turned warlord, who led the country’s forces to victory against the outland raiders. Only that was before his love of power consumed him. Now, his only focus is on tracking down Kira and making her punishment an example of his power. Says Bob, "The real story here is that we released a new novel, by a new author, from a new independent publisher, and achieved this level of success. We are excited that we are hitting on all cylinders and really connecting with the people that want to read these books. When they do, they are loving them. Congratulations to both Sharon and Joe on a tremendously successful three months."

Both books join Brick Cave's previous quarters award winner, The Guardians, Keepers of the Magic, a title also by J.A. Giunta.

Overall, the organization reported a record second quarter for their book sales, with revenue for just the April-June period of 2012 exceeding the organizations entire 2011 performance. Explains Bob, "We knew that these last three months were going to be big, with two new titles coming out and a number of huge events like Phoenix Comicon to buoy us, but we were blown away by the results, and we hope to leverage that into continued success for the rest of the year."

Year to date, the organization shared that eBook sales have been 17% of their total book revenue, and that the revenue from eBook Sales YTD in 2012 have increased by 150% from the entire 2011 sales amount. Brick Cave Books has averaged 28 titles on sale during the course of 2012, with the number expected to exceed 32 by year's end.

About Brick Cave Books
Brick Cave Books, the publishing imprint of Brick Cave Media, published fantasy, science fiction and literary titles from writers in Arizona and beyond. The organization traces it routes to it's founder's work in publishing ebooks and magazines as far back at 1994. The organization has published authors such as Sharon Skinner and J.A. Giunta. For more information, visit our website at http://www.brickcavebooks.com.

About Brick Cave Media

   Brick Cave Media works to take the ideas and efforts of creative people and manifest them into products and services that can be enjoyed by all. The mission of BCM is to effectively support the creative endeavors of talented individuals that they may realize a benefit beyond the creative process. We leverage technology, and the changes in media availability of the last 10 years to market the endeavors of our artists. BCM produced Arizona’s first Giant Monster movie, Sacrifice, as well as a definitive spoken word CD box sets in Bill Campana’s The Hit List. For more information, visit us online at http://www.brickcavemedia.com.


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